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Posted by Shawna Cevraini, April 1, 2019

Magic News

Chandra cheering us on for our first Magicfest!

This weekend Lesley and I went to our first official Magicfest put on by Wizards of the Coast in Calgary. We played in a side event to see how we’d do – both of us did well! Lesley was 1-1-1 with her Green Stompy and I was 2-0 with my Selesnya ladies! Go team Green!


In other news…

What about that War of the Spark trailer!!?? There are no words…

Magic Card of the Week

“Life gain is irrelevant …”


TristoniMy GW-Emmara’s March deck has been doing pretty well in real life and gets me to Platinum on Arena these days. Part of that is this card and others that keep me in the battle with life-gain. Enough time to build my army to over-run my opponent.

The other surprising little benefit of this card is when people steal my cards to play on their side of the table and they have to give it back to me because Trostani is in play. I love it when that happens!

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MTG Arena Madness

I’m annoying a lot of people with my UB-Haunted Thoughts deck on MTG Arena!Haunt of Hightower

I use a lot of discard and destroy cards to control the board until I can get this fun vampire out. Then the Haunting begins as this grows bigger and bigger.

My favorite match-ups are those that put cards in their graveyards themselves. It’s so nice that they help this guy grow!

See the MTG Arena Deck List here:




MTG Cool Tools

I fell in love with these tokens this weekend:

Thanks Olivia @goberthicks for chatting at the booth and @postrk for the amazing work on these!