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Commander Weekend

Commander Weekend

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CAD$ 10.00


12 hours of commander! Can you handle it!
Free to come and play commander all day long! Join us for as many games as you like. If you miss a pod start, join the next round. Commander games will be limited to 1 hour 30 min. To find out more about commander, visit the Wizards website. https://magic.wizards.com/en/content/commander-format 

Build your own, or buy a pre-made at the Pandora's Website www.pandorasboox.ca

$10 entry fee to be eligible for door prizes and pizza. Prizes include Ultimate Guard Monolith deck box, commander deck, and more to be determined! Entry fee also gets you three pieces of pizza and a pop. 

There will also be Oathbreaker, casual, and competitive pods available. (extra fees will apply to competitive pods.) Sign up sheets will be available for pods, when a pod fills up, it will run. Pods will be 4-5 people. 

Free to play in casual pods with no extras.
10.00 entry makes you eligible for door prizes and gets you pizza and pop.
Other fees will apply for competitive pods if you choose to join them. 
Oathbreaker Pods Available.

Door Prizes include:
One of the new 2019  commander Decks
Monlith Deckbox
Heroes of Dominaria the Board Game
and more!