Open D&D

Whether you're a beginner or veteran, this session is for you.

Drop ins are always welcome! We have premade characters if you don't have or aren't sure how to make your own.

For the store's public D&D are using Adventurer's League Rules (check the Player's Guide PDF first) with the following exceptions:

We don’t enforce the D&D Adventurer's League rule of always starting at level one, instead opting to give the player the minimal requirements to play in the store’s current adventure.

Therefore new characters will always start out with the following:

Tier 1 Level 1, regular starting equipment.
Tier 2 Level 5, 500gp, and regular starting equipment.
Tier 3 Level 11, 5'000gp, two uncommon magic items, and regular starting equipment.
Tier 4 Level 17, 20’000gp, one rare and two uncommon magic items, and normal
starting equipment.

Instead of the traditional DDAL Logsheet, we ask that players keep track of their downtime days and other resources on their regular sheet.

This season


For updated information on current level and season information please call the store directly. 403-791-1337