Babes with Books - September

Speak Halse AndersonEach month the babes discuss a new book. August's book did not disappoint! Overall, the babes would definitely recommend this book. If you'd like to know what the audience thought or what the babes discussed, watch the video below! 

About this book:

"Speak up for yourself--we want to know what you have to say." From the first moment of her freshman year at Merryweather High, Melinda knows this is a big fat lie, part of the nonsense of high school. She is friendless, outcast, because she busted an end-of-summer party by calling the cops, so now nobody will talk to her, let alone listen to her. As time passes, she becomes increasingly isolated and practically stops talking altogether. Only her art class offers any solace, and it is through her work on an art project that she is finally able to face what really happened at that terrible party: she was raped by an upperclassman, a guy who still attends Merryweather and is still a threat to her. Her healing process has just begun when she has another violent encounter with him. But this time Melinda fights back, refuses to be silent, and thereby achieves a measure of vindication. In Laurie Halse Anderson's powerful novel, an utterly believable heroine with a bitterly ironic voice delivers a blow to the hypocritical world of high school. She speaks for many a disenfranchised teenager while demonstrating the importance of speaking up for oneself.


1. Please by ignore Vera Dietz 

Reason:  Both of these emotionally intense, realistic novels feature a resilient teen heroine who uses sarcasm to cope with betrayal by a best friend and ostracism at school, while keeping the reader in suspense about past traumas. -- Lesley James

2.  Safe  by Shaw, Susan, 1951-

Reason:  The girls in these realistic novels struggle to make their lives whole after being raped by a known assailant. Tracy (Safe) has a supportive community while Melinda (Speak) does not, but both characters move through fear, pain, and loss. -- Beth Gerall

3.  Faking normal  by Stevens, Courtney C.

Reason:  Both compelling, character-driven books portray teen girls trying to keep traumatic events a secret. In Speak, the mystery is: What happened to Melinda over the summer? In Faking Normal, the question is: Who did it? -- Autumn Winters

4.  Stop pretending by Sones, Sonya

Reason:  The main characters in both of these realistic, issue-oriented books are shunned by their friends following traumatic events -- rape in Speak and a sister's mental breakdown in Stop Pretending. Each girl finds healing through art in these character-driven stories. -- Beth Gerall

5.  Aimee by Miller, Mary Beth, 1964-

Reason:  While Aimee explores the aftermath of a friend's suicide and Speak follows a young rape victim, both issue-oriented books offer realistic views of survivors coping with the judgment of others when the truth is not known, or it's denied. -- Beth Gerall

6.  Cut  by McCormick, Patricia, 1956-

Reason:  The girls in both of these emotionally intense books choose silence as they struggle to cope with devastating events in their lives. These compelling books will leave readers with much to think about. -- Beth Gerall

7.  The Mockingbirds  by Whitney, Daisy

Reason:  In these intense stories, Melinda's (Speak) and Alex's (Mockingbirds) lives are shattered after a traumatic event. Each eventually copes Alex, by participating in an underground justice system at her school; Melinda, by finally reaching out to her art teacher. -- Kathy Stewart

8.  Blue plate special  by Kwasney, Michelle D., 1960-

Reason:  Readers will be quickly drawn in to both moving stories in which teen girls battle through tough times. Blue Plate Special includes intersecting stories by three narrators while Speak tells one girl's story; each authentically told story is ultimately hopeful. -- Kathy Stewart

9.  Inexcusable  by Lynch, Chris, 1962-

Reason:  Both of these disturbing, realistic stories deal with the aftermath of rape at a high school party. While Inexcusable is told from the rapist's viewpoint and Speak from the victim's, both novels are thought-provoking and intense. -- Beth Gerall

(Read-alikes provided by Novelist)

The Ixalan Journey Begins

I can't think Ixalan without the theme music from Pirates of the Carribean going through my head. Of course, there's also a mix of Jurassic Park in there too. Either way you look at it, the new release is bound to be epic! If you're following MTG news, you'll have seen the spoilers arrive before Hour of Devastation was even released. If you're like me, you were saddened that the spoiler was released so early. I love the anticipation and the wait! I'm not sure if you scrambled to look or if you waited, but whatever you did, the official statements are finally out. Wizards released this current statement about the theft, as well as the official preview of the leaked cards. Merfolk, Vampires, Pirates, and Dinosaurs! There is so much to be excited about! 

There are also some new mechanics being released. Enrage triggers whenever a dinosaur is dealt damage allowing them to retaliate and do damage in return. Then we have Raid which awards you for attacking. Regardless of the outcome of the battle, you get your reward when you cast it post combat.

There is a new keyword action explore. Explore helps you find new lands and strengthen your forces. If you go exploring and find land, you’re rewarded with new land! If it’s not, and you come back empty handed, your efforts are still rewarded. There are some new Vehicle ships in this release too which will pair nicely with some of your current standard decks.

Double faced cards make an appearance again with Ixalan. Instead of showing a creature transforming, we can see tales and tools used for discovery. To find out more about these changes and more, check out the Wizards of the Coast official Blog

Babes with Books - August - A man called Ove

Each month the babes discuss a new book. August's book did not disappoint! Overall, the babes would definitely recommend this book. If you'd like to know what the audience thought or what the babes discussed, watch the video below! 

About the book:

A grumpy yet loveable man finds his solitary world turned on its head when a boisterous young family moves in next door.

Meet Ove. He's a curmudgeon, the kind of man who points at people he dislikes as if they were burglars caught outside his bedroom window. He has staunch principles, strict routines, and a short fuse. People call him the bitter neighbor from hell, but must Ove be bitter just because he doesn't walk around with a smile plastered to his face all the time?

Behind the cranky exterior there is a story and a sadness. So when one November morning a chatty young couple with two chatty young daughters move in next door and accidentally flatten Ove's mailbox, it is the lead-in to a comical and heartwarming tale of unkempt cats, unexpected friendship, and the ancient art of backing up a U-Haul. All of which will change one cranky old man and a local residents' association to their very foundations. 

Man Called OveRead-alikes

1. Elling

Ambjornsen, Ingvar, 1956-

Reason: Irreverent humor and touching pathos come together in these charming, character-driven Scandinavian novels about mental patients (Elling) and a curmudgeonly old widower (A Man Called Ove) rediscovering themselves and finding their place in the world through relationships with quirky characters. -- Derek Keyser

2. This is your life, Harriet Chance!

Evison, Jonathan

Reason: Beneath the surface of these bittersweet, amusing novels that feature late-life indignities and relational difficulties lie the secrets and losses that might prevent the characters' happiness. Both books focus on characters' developing coping skills and learning to forgive and grow. -- Jen Baker

3. Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine

Honeyman, Gail

Reason: Lonely, awkward, regimented, maybe a little bit lacking in the social skills department, the sympathetic main characters in these charming, touching novels find their lives changing and expanding when they make unexpected friendships. -- Shauna Griffin

4. The widower's tale

Glass, Julia, 1956-

Reason: Both are funny, moving, and thoughtful novels about cantankerous old widowers whose icy personalities melt from unexpected relationships with eccentric, vibrant younger members of their communities. The Widower's Tale is more stylistically complex and features a larger cast of characters. -- Derek Keyser

5. The secret diary of Hendrik Groen

Groen, Hendrik

Reason: While the protagonist of A Man Called Ove engages only reluctantly with his neighbors, and the diarist Hendrik Groen proactively organizes his fellow retirees, both humorous novels offer insight into the needs and desires of older people. -- Katherine Johnson

6. The storied life of A. J. Fikry

Zevin, Gabrielle

Reason: Curmudgeonly old men with hearts of gold star in these witty, bittersweet yet heartwarming novels about widowers who find new passions for life through unexpected relationships with colorful characters in their communities. -- Derek Keyser

7. There must be some mistake

Barthelme, Frederick, 1943-

Reason: Older men discover new meaning in their lives following a devastating loss. Both characterdriven, thought-provoking novels are wryly humorous and filled with witty dialogue and offbeat situations that prompt provocative questions in both reader and protagonists. -- Jen Baker

8. The one-in-a-million boy

Wood, Monica

Reason: Readers who enjoy heartwarming stories about characters dealing with the loss of a loved one will be drawn to these novels. With charm, humor, and a delight in the characters' quirks, these stories feature unlikely friendships that improve people's lives. -- Stacey Peterson

9. All summer long

Frank, Dorothea Benton

Reason: These books share: the genre 'Mainstream fiction' and the subject 'Communities'.

(Read-alikes courtesy of Novelist)

Multi-Author Event

Join four amazing authors! Discuss their books, divine their secrets, and get your books signed!

1:00-5:00 - Meet the Authors in store
5:00-6:00 - Join the authors at the Divine Goddess Book Club
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Adam Dreece; author of the Yellow Hood Series, Wizard Killer, The Man of Cloud 9 (

Adam Dreece is an international best-selling Adam Dreeceyoung adult author. He kicked off his indie author career with his steampunk meets fairy tale series, The Yellow Hoods, which struck a chord with kids 9-15 and adults. After four books in the series, the former software architect of 20 years created two new worlds with his post-apocalyptic fantasy book The Wizard Killer – Season One, and his science fiction novel, The Man of Cloud 9. 


Katherine Dell: Harmless

HarmlessKatherine Dell is a young adult fiction author fascinated by the supernatural and the stories that surround them. She began her writing endeavours in 2011 when she wanted to reinvent herself from her previous career as an event planner. When she’s not writing, she can be found in cold hockey arenas sipping coffee, working on her tan at little league games, or trying to keep her dog out of her many gardens. She lives with her husband, two boys, and fur babies, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Suzy Vadori: The Fountain

FountainSuzy Vadori is an Operations Executive by day, writer by night. The Fountain is her debut novel for young adults and is the first book in a trilogy being published by Evil Alter Ego Press. The Fountain has been shortlisted for a 2016 Aurora Award for Best Young Adult Novel. Suzy is an involved member of the Calgary writers' community, serving as the Program Manager of Middle Grade and Young Adult Fiction for When Words Collide (WWC) since 2013. WWC is a festival for readers and writers held in Calgary each August. She lives with her husband and three kids in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Sarah L. Johnson: Suicide Stitch

Suicide StitchSarah L. Johnson, is the Literary Events Manager at Owl’s Nest Books in Calgary. She is also a Best Selling Local Writer, whose short fiction has appeared in several journals and anthologies including Room Magazine, Shock Totem, Crossed Genres Magazine, and the Bram Stoker Award nominated Dark Visions 1: A collection of Modern Horror. Her first novel, a literary thriller titled“Infractus”is coming soon from Driven Press.

Dr. Boardgame - Love Letter Review and Game Play

Each month, The Doctor will run you through one of his favourite board games. Joined by some special guests, you will see how to play the game with instructions and live game play. This month, the Doctor and his companions discussed Love Letter!


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