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Ikoria Prerelease at home

Out Of Stock

CAD$ 0.01


In the ideal setup you will see your opponent’s cards on your screen, you will hear them, and vice versa.

Please be sure to have your setup complete before the event begins to decrease wait time... don't be that "guy" people have to wait for! :-)

This is a free event.
Rounds will be based on the number of participants.
Universal Promo packs will be given as prizing.

Please purchase your kit through us to be eligible for participation.

Before the Event:
1. Purchase your Prerelease kit at pandorasboox.ca
2. Message us through Facebook, event, or info@pandorasboox.ca to indicate you are interested in participating.
3. Set up your Play at home virtual space.
4. At least two days before the event, test your setup to make sure it can do video calls.
5. Pick up your Prerelease kit curb-side May 15th.

Day of the event:
1. Sign in at least 15 min prior to the event to ensure we have enough time to check technical difficulties.
2. Do NOT open your pack until everyone has arrived and the event begins (honour system please, no outside cards allowed). We will all open packs together and build. You will need to have enough basic land to build a deck. We will allow a standard 45 min for deck building.
3. You will be paired with people to play. Each round will last 50 minutes.
4. You will play using Virtual EDH. Please sign up ahead of time.