Modern Horizons 3 Draft (Jun 16)
Magic: The Gathering

join us for a draft of Modern Horizons 3! 

What is Draft?
Drafting is way to play Magic where you sit down with other players, each with three packs of cards. You, along with everyone else at the table, open one pack each and select—"draft"—one card from that pack. Then you pass the rest of the cards to the player on your left. The packs get passed around the table until all the cards are gone. You repeat this process for the second pack, passing to the right. For the third pack, you repeat the process once again passing to your left until all the packs are opened and no cards are left. After this, you create a 40-card deck from the card pool you just drafted.

Each participant will receive 3 packs of Modern Horizons 3 

Prizing: 1 pack per round win



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