The Griffon's Saddlebag Vol 1

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    he Deck of Many and The Griffon’s Saddlebag team up to produce 50 illustrated cards from the Saddlebag’s growing collection of inventive new items. These uniquely niche-filling weapons and items are flavorful, balanced, and ready for you and your players to enjoy. Pack contents are in the chronological order that they were released in by the Griffon's Saddlebag.

    Included items:

    Bird of a Feather
    Heart of the Sleeveless
    Immovable Button
    Merry Berry
    Ring of Gestures
    Smash Potatoes
    Singing Stein
    Tear of Gaia

    Coralshield Golem
    Dagger of the Ogre Mage
    Dragon Edge Weapons
    Eye of the Bookwurm
    Frostbitten Buckler
    Frozen Dagger
    Kraken's Whip
    Retaliating Shield of Ink
    Serpent Dart
    Set of Numat's Trick Tubes
    Squasher Torchbearer's Reach
    Tub of Churning & Fermentation

    Bow of the Mind Thievery
    Cinnabar Rapier
    Glove of the Aegis
    Halberd of the Peacock
    Ironleaf Maul of Entanglement
    Magma War Pick
    Mantle of the Pack Lord
    Moonswaddled Armor
    Quake Hammer
    Reap and Sew
    Screaming Longbow
    Set of Secret Scribe Candles
    Starmetal Ring
    Thunderous Flail
    Windswept Wyvernplate

    Very Rare
    Boreal Pendant
    Fable's End
    Fourarm Bracers
    Hcor’uk the Colossal’s Portable Handheld Trebuchet of Walloping
    Hurricane Lance
    Staff of Favorable Winds

    Crypt Keeper Glaive
    Love's Embrace
    Memento of the Shapeless
    Storm Thrower Harpoon

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