Castles Of Mad King Ludwig Expansions for 2nd Edition

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    Castles of Mad King Ludwig Expansions includes every previously released expansion for Castles of Mad King Ludwig and a new one, all compatible with the 2nd edition.

    • Renovations: Rework your castle with special double-room tiles that are placed directly on top of existing rooms.
    • Towers: Special rooms that provide an additional end game reward.
    • Moats: Surround your castle for extra VPs for each of your rooms.
    • Swan Tokens: Collect sets of swan tokens that can be converted to money or end game VPs.
    • Secret Passages: Double connection bonuses and fit rooms into hard to reach spaces.
    • Royal Decrees: Gain a unique, asymmetric player power at the start of the game.
    • New Favors & Bonus Cards: Increase the variety of end game goals.
    • 5th Player: Add a 5th player to your game.

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