Epic Encounters: Local Legends: Green Dragon Encounter

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    Tricky, highly intelligent, and more interested in amusing itself than eating anyone, this Green Dragon is likely to test the skills and smarts of even the most experienced parties!

    Calling all Game Masters! Inside this box is everything you need to run epic roleplaying encounters with a wily Green Dragon, with minimal effort.

    You see, some mischievous devil has been stealing food from the kitchens and leaving acid burns in the tavern carpet, and the locals have a good guess who—or what—it might be!

    Perfect to drop into any fantasy roleplaying game, this Local Legend gives you the tools to create thrilling moments in your campaigns. It’s designed to work with the Local Legends Tavern Kit and is also 5e-compatible, so you can use it with any fantasy roleplaying game. 

    Containing a challenging encounter, illustrated battlemap, and highly detailed miniatures, it’s created to make any Game Master’s life easier. Epic encounters; minimum effort!

    - $28.95

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