Epic Encounters: Local Legends: Night Hag Encounter

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    The Night Hag, Marshina, seeks to increase her power through tapping ancient leylines. If no one steps in, the whole multiverse could be at risk!

    Calling all Game Masters! Inside this box is everything you need to run epic roleplaying encounters with a power-hungry Night Hag, with minimal effort.

    Some say Marshina’s machinations are a means to achieving godhood, and that she draws closer with every stroke of her wicked scythe. Unfortunately, she’s so good at evading capture that none can say for sure—and that’s if she even exists in the first place!

    Perfect to drop into any fantasy roleplaying game, this Local Legend gives you the tools to create thrilling moments in your campaigns. It’s designed to work with the Local Legends Tavern Kit and is also 5e-compatible, so you can use it with any fantasy roleplaying game. 

    Containing a challenging encounter, illustrated battlemap, and highly detailed miniatures, it’s created to make any Game Master’s life easier. Epic encounters; minimum effort!

    - $28.95

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